Electric Skateboards Waterproof

Are electric skateboards waterproof?

The popularity of an electric skateboard is increasing day by day, so it is becoming necessary to guide and educate its user on how to ride an electric skateboard properly. For this reason, we have made a guide, electric skateboards can be riding anytime.

One might ask if electric skateboards waterproof? Can I ride my fastest electric skateboard in the rain? All of your questions will be answered in this article.

When we say waterproof there are a large number of electric skateboards that claim to be waterproof but actually are not waterproof at all. We can say that these electric skateboards are water resistant but not waterproof.

Now, these water-resistant electric skateboards can be used in light rain, but when we talk about pouring heavy rain, you should avoid using your electric skateboard in this condition. We are recommending you avoid such conditions because heavy rain can damage the electrical components within the electric skateboard.

Similarly, we recommend that you avoid riding your electric skateboard where there are water-filled holes on the ground. If you accidentally hit one of these holes then there is a high chance of splashing water into the electronic components of the electric skateboard.

Riding electric skateboard in The Rain

Another thing to consider while riding your electric skateboard in the rain is a slippery surface. The roads become wet and the surface becomes slippery so making turns and accelerating becomes very difficult to control and handle.

So we recommend that if you recently bought an electric skateboard then you should refrain from riding in the rain. In this article, you will also find when to do when you are riding your electric skateboard and all of a sudden rain starts to pour down.

Small details you should keep in mind while riding an electric skateboard in the rain

As we discussed earlier you should know by now the dangers of riding your electric skateboard in the rain, but now we will tell you how to ride your electric skateboard in wet conditions or emergencies.

The first thing we recommend before riding your electric skateboard in wet conditions is to check whether your electric skateboard is waterproof or water-resistant. In our findings, most of the electric skateboards we came across were not waterproof or water-resistant.

So it becomes more dangerous to bring such electric skateboard in wet conditions which are either waterproof or water-resistant. You can fry the internals of the electric skateboard in no time and on top of this, brands give no warranty or claim for water-damaged boards.

To it is always recommended that you check whether your electric skateboard is waterproof or water-resistant

Griping the wet road

As it is common knowledge that roads get wet after rain, therefore when you ride your electric skateboard on this wet road the friction level between both of these surfaces becomes low. This results in a low grip on your electric skateboard.

You may also know by now that the wheels on the electric skateboard are designed in such a way that they only grip on dry surfaces. So when the wheels do not get enough grip it starts to slip. This can cause an accident if you are not careful enough.

So it is always advised not to ride your electric skateboard in wet conditions.

The wetness of shoes and pants

It is evident from the looks of the electric skateboard that it does not come with a mudguard. If you ride your electric skateboard on a wet road, then a lot of mud can fly off the road and get on to your shoes and pants. So you should always avoid riding your electric skateboard in rain.


Puddles on the roads can yield devastating results for your electric skateboard. As we have mentioned many times in this article that electric skateboard is not usually waterproof or water-resistant. When you ride over these puddles in the road the chances of water damage become tripled. So it is best to avoid using your electric skateboard in the rain

Water Seal in an electric skateboard

You should keep in mind the water seal located in the electric skateboard. If your electric skateboard does have a water seal, then you should know it has a life span of only 2 years and after this it becomes obsolete

Electric Skateboards in 2021

An Ultimate Buying Guide on Electric Skateboard 2021

With the growing innovation in technology, the medium of transportation has also revolutionized rapidly. In the past, people were using local transportation for travel like buses, trains, and cars, etc. But now technology has provided them a rapid commuting option in the form of electric skateboards. Electric skateboards are also known as the last mile transportation device. What does it mean?

It means that you can save your time and money while covering the distance between home to train or bus station and office to train station respectively. Electric skateboard is a blessing for the people who want to commute on a pretty speedy device. It is noticed that in 2019-2020 the trend of commuting on electric skateboards has increased by 35% and is increasing steadily. We know you also want to buy the best electric skateboard for yourself, but the question is what is the best electric skateboard for adults?

No need to worry at all as we have compiled a detailed guide to educate you about the key features that you should consider while choosing the best electric skateboard in 2021. So, let’s jump into the details about buying the best electric skateboard 2021.

Factors to Look before Buying Commuting Devices for you

There are several factors or features that you should pay attention to while choosing the best electric skateboard for adults. Otherwise, you may be disappointed with your electric skateboard performance. So, pay attention to learn that how you can compare electric skateboards with each other.


The first and the foremost factor of any commute device is its motor. It is the heart of your electric commuting device. So it is very important to know and everything related to the e-skateboard motor.

There are two types of motors that are pretty common in electric skateboards.

Hub Motor 

This type of motor is the best for electric skateboards. The performance of the hub motor is far better compared to other belt-driven motors. This motor is basically situated into the wheel hub and there it generates the torque to accelerate the electric skateboard. The main purpose of this motor type is to transfer the mobility directly to the wheels to perform better. Personally, I prefer this kind of motor for commuting devices.

Belt driven Motor

While belt-driven motors function through the pulley and belt-driven system. Here the motor is situated close to the wheel and is connected to the wheel through the pulley and the belt. This alternative of the direct-drive motor is somehow not enough compared to the hub motor. Although through the belt and pulley the vibration of the board might decrease but this mechanism affects the acceleration power of wheels a bit.


The battery is a power supplier for an electric skateboard. The more powerful and long-lasting battery means longer skateboarding duration. Normally three types of batteries are commonly used in the electric skateboard.

  • Lithium-Ion
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Li-Po

Lithium-ion batteries are the best battery for an electric skateboard due to its best performance statistics. Following are the reasons why lithium-ion batteries are better compared to the other types.

  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Long Life
  3. Longer power supply
  4. Eco-friendly

So, it’s a better approach to use lithium-ion batteries instead of its counterparts. In good commuting devices, companies prefer to use

Final Conclusion:

So, we have discussed some core factors that you should check before buying any hoverboards or skateboards for yourself. Petersonbicycle.com repairs commuting devices always encourage to check those points if you are looking for a long-term device. Don’t hesitate to spend some extra money if these features are not present in cheap devices.