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Features of shark rotator professional manual

The best steam cleaners of the moment

Appeared on the market a few years ago, steam cleaners are presented as a healthy and ecological tool.

They promise to clean the floor from the ceiling with steam without incurring detergent or other elements harmful to the environment. Here is a comparison and buying guide of the best existing steam cleaners to optimize your choice.

What is a steam cleaner?

It is a household appliance with a boiler full of water. The latter is heated between 70 ° and 120 ° approximately to transform into steam. Thanks to the steam coming from the appliance, floors, walls, fabrics and other inaccessible corners such as joints will be cleaned and cleaned.

The use of high pressure can clean all surfaces of stains and grease. And you don’t have to use detergent, bleach, or other chemicals to do this.

The best steam cleaners in 2020

The best value for money: Polti Vaporetto Smart

Here is a 4 bar and high pressure shark rotator professional manual. It has unlimited autonomy with a constant filling system. It is a very ergonomic device thanks to its carrying handle. It has a transparent and removable tank with a capacity of 2 liters.

shark rotator professional manual

The best cheap model: HomeYou – Multi-Purpose

HomeYou’s proposal is an inexpensive but superior quality steam cleaner. This steam cleaner is under pressure and reaches 3 bars. It has a water tank of up to 300 ml. Its power is 1050 watts. The device has a safety lock and automatic stop to avoid possible accidents.

The best high-end model: Polti Cimex – Eradicator

This dry steam cleaner has a safety cap. It has a special accessory to remove bedbugs using thermal vapor pressure. It is suitable for all types of cleaning and all types of floors.


Comparison of the best steam cleaners

Here is a full comparison of the best steam cleaners that have the best ratio

Why buy a steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner has become a household staple, as it offers several advantages and possibilities to its user.


For impeccable effortless cleaning

When cleaning, the main goal is to remove all the dirt embedded in the house.


Whether they are on carpets, rugs, windows or the floor, we would like to dislodge them from our house. However, with a steam cleaner, stains disappear easily without leaving traces. Moreover, thanks to these accessories, no corner is left behind at home, which helps to fight against various allergies.


A steam cleaner is above all a very ergonomic household appliance, which allows it to be easy to handle. A cleaning session with this tool does not require a considerable effort even if the result will be brilliant.

Effective cleaning without detergent

The biggest advantage of a multi-function steam cleaner is its ecological nature. Its use requires no chemicals.


This effectively removes you from the use of detergent and bleach. These chemicals have disadvantages such as chemical vapors and hazardous residues. Not to mention that they can cause burns and irritations. This appliance is efficient with only water and steam.


Especially since the surface to be cleaned dries quickly. High temperature steam enters any type of surface for deep cleaning and sanitation. This is not the case with the detergent that only cleans the outside surface.


Pressurized steam is an effective element for descaling all coatings, whether hard or flexible. It acts as a steam cleaner vacuum cleaner sucking or blowing fungal spores, different microbes, viruses, mites and bacteria. A household appliance that pleasantly facilitates household cleaning!