Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster XBLA cheats for Xbox 360


Complete the game with any range on Normal or Hard difficulty and start a new game. You will have a key in your inventory that gives you access to a closet with new outfits for Rebecca and Billy.


Finish the game on any difficulty to unlock two extra modes.

Leech Hunter
This mode was available in the original version. He proposes us to locate two-color figures inside the building of the big house. There are special rules, such as that each character can only carry one type of leech.

Wesker Mode
New mode where Wesker replaces Billy. It does not change the story but it has new abilities, including a slash with the tft item cheat sheet, fast race and can combine plants.


Achievement Description Gamerscore
Sleepless night Complete the game without saving the game. 90
Good health Complete the game without using any recovery items (including green chemicals). 90
Predator Eliminate all enemies in Leech Hunter mode. 30
Looks that kill Eliminate 50 enemies with fully charged Lethal Gaze. 30
Officer Chambers Defeat all bosses with Rebecca 30
I have what you need Defeat Mimicry Marcus for the first time with just the knife. 25
Arsenal Obtain all weapons. 25
Just in case Defeat 16 bats in the chapel. 25
Wesker team Put on the Team Wesker suit. 25
Murderous Leech Complete Leech Hunter mode with Rank A. 25
Obsession Obtain all amulets of one color. 25
The S in STARS Complete the game with S rank. 25
Awesome Complete the game on Hard Mode. 25
Grass is not your thing Complete the game without mixing herbs. 25
Let’s save the ozone layer Complete the game without using any emergency spray. 25
Personalized Create a custom gun. fifteen
Good trip Use a green chemical. fifteen
You have fire? Defeat Mimicry Marcus with a napalm bomb or Molotov cocktail. fifteen
And tomorrow, exam Read all files. fifteen
Locksmith Apprentice Get all the keys and use them. fifteen
Handyman Make all possible herbal combinations. fifteen
Rebeethoven Play the piano with Rebecca. fifteen
I am a lady Try to push a heavy object with Rebecca. fifteen
High flights Let the Infected Bat lift you off the ground. fifteen
Let’s try Play Leech Hunter mode. fifteen
Medicinal Leech Completed Leech Hunter mode with E rank or higher. fifteen
All started here Complete the train. fifteen
Intensive lesson Complete the training center. fifteen
The kitchen of hell Complete the Research Lab. fifteen
The darkness of the abyss Complete the factory. fifteen
Everything makes sense Complete the processing plant. fifteen
Scorpion King Defeat the Stinger. fifteen
Insecticide Defeat the Centurion. fifteen
Die, Dracula! Defeat the Infected Bat. fifteen
I’ll be right back! Get rid of the Prototyrant. fifteen
Goodbye Prototyrant! Defeat the Prototyrant. fifteen
Party queen Defeat the Queen Leech. fifteen
Migraine Knock an enemy down with a critical headshot. fifteen
Purifying flame Eliminate an enemy by setting it on fire. fifteen
Roller Eliminate a zombie by crushing it. fifteen
Recycling Make a Molotov cocktail. fifteen
We are going to get dirty just the same Change your outfit. fifteen
Trust me Save your partner from the clutches of the enemy. fifteen
Weapons are not your thing Eliminate an enemy with the knife. fifteen
Good aim Destroy the legs of a zombie. fifteen
Bug shooting Interrupts the jump of a Hunter or Eliminator with one stone. fifteen
Good Guy Escape a Cerberus while it bites you or attacks you. fifteen